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Do you have an announcement for an event related to St. Andrew’s?

Please submit announcements in writing to Keith Hays at least 1 week prior to the Sunday you would like your announcement made/published. 

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  • Upcoming


    January 21, 9am – 12pm, Session 3, Exploring Your Spiritual Journey

    January 21, Annual Meeting and Luncheon after 10am service.

    January 27, Saturday Men’s Breakfast

    January 28, Young Adult Brunch after 10am service

    January 27, 9:30am DIVA’s annual organization breakfast at Scramblers on Hill Rd.

    February 13, Shrove Tuesday

    February 14, Ash Wednesday


  • Adult Bible Study class resumes Tuesday, January 9 at 7:00 PM

    Adult Bible Study class resumes Tuesday, January 9 at 7:00 PM
    Adult Bible Study class resumes Tuesday, January 9 at 7:00 PM. Classes will remain on Tuesday evenings for now.
    Tuesday classes will now be for one hour. That means I’ll start at 7:00 PM exactly.
    • January 16: Romans, chapters 9, 10, and 11 – General topic is “Israel’s past, “present”, and future in light of the Gospel”.
    • January 23: Romans, chapters 12, 13, 14, and 15: 1-13 – Changing us, and the way we act, by applying this empowered new life to ourselves.
    • January 30: Romans, chapter 15: 14-33, and chapter 16 – Paul ends this letter with personal greetings and messages to named believers. 
    We will then take a TWO week break.
    February  6: No Class because it’s the first Tuesday when we usually take a break.
    February 13: No Class because it is Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday and the parish will be having our annual Shrove Tuesday party. That means of course that the next day, Wednesday Feb 14 is Ash Wednesday.
  • Lent Madness is coming

    Lent Madness is coming

    Similar to March Madness.  We can read about 32 different Saints, Beginning on February 15th. Two are presented each weekday and you can read their stories and vote on your favorites.

  • Blessings Box and Food Pantry

    Blessings Box and Food Pantry

    The Blessing Box is becoming a true Blessing to our community.    Remember non-perishable food or canned goods.  We have plenty of Cream of Mushroom Soup!  For just a couple dollars you can provide a meal to a family in need:  can of tuna & tuna helper; can of spaghetti sauce & some pasta, etc.  Or ramen noodles, cup of soups are good for an individual who just needs something hot to eat.  

  • Pickerington and Reynoldsburg Food Pantries

    Pickerington and Reynoldsburg Food Pantries

    As you shop each week, be mindful of others by picking up a few items for our local Pickerington and Reynoldsburg Food Pantries.  Bring them to church each Sunday and place in the baskets in the back of the Church.  It has been several weeks since we have had very much to offer the Food Pantries, so if you can make a special effort to help here, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Operation "St. Andrew's Cheerleaders"


    Operation “St. Andrew’s Cheerleaders” has started!  The new Calendars are up in the Narthex. If you have not sent your kids extra-curricular schedules to Amy Cox, please do so now.  Feel free to email them to Amy Cox at amycox31@nullyahoo.com or put in her church mailbox.

    We would love to help cheer on you or your kids during their events.  Yes, adults can list their events too.

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