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Search for our New Priest

What’s Happening With the Search for our New Priest?

June Update:

St. Andrew’s Search Committee has officially been formed! Although some “behind the scenes” work was being done, we could not officially be developed until Fr. Paul left. Fr. Paul’s last Sunday with us was June 16th and Canon Jason Leo officiated the following Sunday.

Canon Leo is the Cannon for Transitions and will be our contact with the Diocese throughout our search. As the search chair, I met with Canon Leo on June 23rd. We discussed first steps and he provided some guidance regarding our search committee. Upon his suggestion, our search committee is divided into two groups/phases. Our first phase is the search and call. Our second phase is the transition of the new Rector into the community of St. Andrew’s and the communities we serve.

Our Search committee members are: Debi Chakeres (Search Chair), Gayland Trim, Hanna Mielcarek, Kevin McCarty, Louise Young and, Matthew Burns. Our focus is to work with the Diocese to develop a job posting, search, interview, and submit our recommendation to the Vestry for the call. There will be much more detailed information about this process coming in the near future!

Our Transition committee members are: Debi Chakeres (Search Chair), Jana Alig, Kathy Isbister, Maureen Patterson, and Rebecca Fletcher. You will receive more information about their callings later, as well!

Your Search & Transitions Committees will be updating you often of their progress, either through the Newsletter, written announcements and/or spoken announcements. Please feel free to call me, email me or catch me while I’m at church if & when you have questions! I attend both the 8:00 and the 10:00 services (sometimes on the same Sunday J). My contact information is in the directory and I look forward to talking with you, as we continue through this process.

In Peace,

Debi Chakeres


July Update:

Jason Leo, our Canon for Transitions, met with the Vestry in late June.

During that meeting, after much discussion, the Vestry voted unanimously to use the Anglican model for our search.

Knowing our direction, our search committee then launched its work!

We began the draft of our job posting for our new priest, which is currently with our contact at the diocesan office, Canon Leo. He is reviewing to ensure we’ve captured all that’s needed for the posting.

Once finalized, it will be posted and candidates will be forthcoming!

In the meantime, we’ve updated our website and included our profile.

Priests looking for positions OFTEN review the church’s website and we want to be ready!

Please continue to care for one another during this transition. We are The Church! Your search committee appreciates your continued prayers for its work.


August 4, 2019 Update:

Our job posting was posted this past week!!

Applicants will contact the Diocese of Southern Ohio office, if interested, and they will be flagged and vetted by Canon Leo and the Bishop.

Those that pass that test will be forwarded to our search committee for an interview.

We anticipate that to be in September.


September Update:

We have our first candidate! The search chair and committee have been working diligently with Canon Leo and we have our first interview in mid-late September; keeping us on track to hopefully call our new Priest by Advent.

The committee’s work continues to be confidential; however, if you have questions about the process, please speak with any of the search committee members: Debi Chakeres (chair), Matt Burns, Hanna Mielcarek, Gayland Trim, Louise Young or Kevin McCarty. Any of them are happy to answer questions you may have about the process!